Large 18 oz. Ceramic Mug Rustic Red

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My second mug from Blanket Creek. Absolutely love it! Arrived super fast.

Sarah P.

Paul and Yael make beautiful items! I received this mug today and it is perfect for making Match tea. I also received a special order for an oil cruet the same design as the mug. It is beautiful and can't wait to fill it up and start cooking. I have 3 items from Blanket Creek and it always come very well wrapped and beautifully hand crafted. Thank you so much for all your items.


I love this mug! It is large and just lovely. I have used it mostly for coffee, but it makes a great soup mug as well.

Amanda K.L.

This is the second mug I've ordered! My father keeps trying to steal mine, so this red one is about to be his Christmas present!

Denise R.

This is my 2nd cup and I am very happy! I plan to purchase a 3rd cup soon. These are well made. I love the slight rustic look, the large size tea cup look and that it is hard made is what attracted me to buy my first cup, 2nd cup and God willing, I will buy a 3rd cup soon.

Robin O.

Love it love it! 3rd mug of this size from Blanket Creek we have ordered. (Previous 2 are a different color) This (and another one of a different color) is a gift for my daughter, as she kinda stole one of the previous ones. LOL
She loves it! Such beautiful craftsmanship and also, the weight is so perfect. Highly recommend.

Kellie M.

Love this pottery. These mugs are wonderful for a big cup of hot cocoa, etc. ordered two more.

Barbara A.

very calming colors and the size holds 3 cups of liquid so it really helps me drink enough every day. The owners are really helpful too.

Jane L.

thus us a stunningly beautiful mug with lovely colorings and its huge.

Michael T.

extremely nice , more than I hoped for . I will be buying more from this collection. im very happy