15 oz. Curved Ceramic Mug Amber Blue

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Cynthia C.

Oh my goodness! This mug is absolutely gorgeous! I wanted a mug with a small-mouth opening so my coffee wouldn't get cold as quick as it does with regular mugs, and this mug keeps my coffee hotter way longer! I'm more than pleased! It's so beautiful that I refuse to put it in the cabinet, but instead made a spot for it directly beside my Keurig so I can see it any time I'm in the kitchen. Also, I love the size! I use the highest setting on my Keurig and it still has more than enough capacity to hold creamer.

I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee in the morning when I'm walking my sweet Maggie outside on our property, and it's so nice that I don't have to worry about any coffee sloshing out as I walk with a full mug. I'm so glad that I treated myself with this beautiful piece of art to enjoy my coffee!


Such an incredibly beautiful mug! The combination of the glaze colors is like nothing I've ever seen! I actually bought a second mug and had it sent as a gift to a friend. I was surprised with how quickly they shipped. Paul and Yael are incredibly talented artisans and yes, I will be purchasing more from them.

Julie M.

This is a beautiful, handmade mug! To the rim it actually holds 20 oz., which allows me to put my creamer in my coffee and use the frother inside the cup without losing any of my morning liquid gold. Craftsmanship is perfect and the colors/shine are beautiful! Thank you!

Tanya J.

It was a Father's Day present and he loved it! Thanks so much!

Sydney S.

These pottery mugs are fabulous. They're even more beautiful in person. Worth every penny. They are also shipped with thoughtful packaging to prevent any damage, which is quality I very much appreciated.

Eva T.

THE PERFECT MUG! I could not love this mug more. Absolutely beautiful crafting and attention to detail. Weighted perfectly to the hand, with a large, round base to hold lots of your favorite beverage, but with a smaller mouth opening to make sure it stays hot. The glazing is pure art. I bought one a year ago and used it every day ... then it broke! Heartbreak. But now I've got a new one and couldn't be happier. It's my very favorite mug. Thank you, Blanket Creek!


We Love colors. Is like having a piece of art decorating our home every time we have a cup of coffee. Thank you.


absolutely gorgeous mug! The colors are amazing, and the quality is top-notch.

Sandie E.

Love it!!! Gorgeous shape and colors!

Heather A.

My second purchase with Blanket Creek, I'm slowly building my collection! These mugs are gorgeous and of really high quality. I can't wait to buy more!